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The inconspicuous Greek mountain tea has become a modern wonder weapon: through its high content of antioxidants it disarms free radicals, which is delaying the aging process; at the same time it keeps the brain function fluent, speedy and clear and should keep far away Alzheimer's disease as long as possible. Mountain tea of organic farming is to prefer because it contains - according to scientific studies - a higher proportion of essential oils and natural antioxidants such as flavonoids than wild grown tea. It also includes verbascoside, unsaturated fatty acids and phenolic acids. The authentic species Sideritis scardica in our range moreover carries invaluable iridoids in itself. 

Greek mountain tea Sideritis scardica

Greek Mountain Tea & Co.


     Scardica tea :

Enjoy prevention!

Many mountain teas look similar but are not the same at all! Did you know that the majority of traded "Greek" mountain tea does not originate from Greece? It could have been treated with pesticides, irradiated, could contain chemicals in the packaging. By watering the fields, the tea plants grow bigger, but the proportion of essential oils gets lower. Wrong drying methods completely destroy the essential oils. All this affects the quality. The more tasteful a mountain tea, the more essential oils (and thus therapeutic properties) it contains. And the most important: wild mountain tea is not only in danger of extinction; its essential oils are inferior to the organically grown mountain tea in terms of quality and quantity! (S. chapter "About Greek mountain tea")

Sparta Natura means:


  • Aromatic herbs and mountain tea of organic farming

  • Nothing but natural air-dried mountain tea and herbs, to fully preserve essential oils

  • We guarantee to sell no illegal wild mountain tea

  • Greek company with Swiss Management

  • Direct mail from Greece to consumers

  • Simply order without register and login

  • Low delivery costs due to sending in a padded envelope

  • After visiting our website you will not be bothered for days with commercials

  • W i l d  Greek mountain tea is threatened with  e x t i n c t i o n.  If you love Greece, order farmed Greek mountain tea exclusively from a trustworthy supplier directly from Greece: attractive price, authentic and ethical product. 

    Greek mountain tea contains lots of natural antioxidants as flavonoids rendering free radicals harmless

    greek mountain tea of the authentic species Sideritis scardica, king of mountain teas, against cardiac arrhythmia, lowering blood pressure, cytotoxic

    Greek mountain tea
     Sideritis scardica
    - king of mountain teas -

    Wild greek thyme from Sparta, extremely intense flavour

    Wild thyme

    - fantastic taste -

    Wild oregano from Sparta: the best!
    olive leaf tea - good for the heart and delicious!

    Wild oregano

    Olive leaf tea

    - absolute top class -

    - good for the heart - 

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