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Oregano tea 30 gr./1,05 oz. - natural antibiotic

6,00 €Prix

    Oregano has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect because it contains high concentrations of antioxidants, iron, vitamin E, vitamin K and omega fatty acids. Biologists at the University of the United Arab Emirates reported in the journal PLoS ONE that Oregano can induce specific "evil" cell lines "to suicide". For more detailed information, please consult the following link:


    Traditionally oregano is used to treat disorders of following functions: respiratory, stomach, intestinal and bladder, as well as in case of menstrual cramps. As a natural antibiotic, oregano can fight even the most persistent fungal infections (mycoses) and bacteria resisting to oregano essential oil. To profit daily from the effect on health, you can prepare oregano as tea, following the instructions on the packaging. Oregano tea tastes strong and intense, slightly burning (like candied ginger) and you can downright imagine how bacteria, microbes and parasites are destroyed.

    If you drink this mountain oregano as a tea, you are sure to actually take the active ingredients of oregano and not the active ingredients of oil.


    Oregano tea also has a blood thinning effect and is therefore unsuitable for people who take anticoagulants.


    This Greek oregano grows wild on the Taygetos Mountains. After being collected it is dried in a shady place in the open air and then stored closed in the dark. In order to guarantee the best quality, we prepare it only on receipt of each order and package it in recyclable PP bags.

    This oregano is identical to the oregano we sell as spice. Since the tea does not have to be crushed we sell it a bit cheaper. 


    In contrast to Greek mountain tea wild oregano is not threatened with extinction.


    The products from Sparta Natura come from 100% organic production, no chemical fertilizer or pest or weed control are applied and they are neither gassed nor irradiated.

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